Essence of ART

God himself is the art origin. Creativity is art and art is creativity. God is the original artist. He is the origin of it all. He is infinitely in love with art. So He created us for the sake of continuity of creativity. He wanted us to be part of it, to partake in the joy and satisfaction that art engenders. Art is good and it is all about good. Art is life; art must be applied in all we do in life.In art principle; you begin, you watch and observe, some times from a little distance. That is when correction comes in, additions and subtractions to enable make good evaluation and appreciation. It was this principle that God the eternal creator worked with. Creation of Adam was the beginning of it all. God created Adam, stayed in his holy heaven and watched the art of his hand, even though we were told in the “Holy Bible” that he commanded and there were formations. “Alright I have done nicely but… ” So God must have thought or felt. It is in the process of create and watch that He observed that Adam was not handsome enough. He observed loneliness, and to make a correction, then the thought of creating Eve arose His focus was on beautification because beauty makes the heart pleasant. When he created the plain garden, he knew he had done marvelously but the beauty of it was his ultimate vision.He stood off again after creating Eve, and observed a need for family. He did not relent; he continued creating, watching and correcting until he came to the point of device of replenishing the firmament of his power and authority. God further gave man dominion over his environment, even though man has disappointed the eternal creator by being disobedient to the ordained laws that guide human life.After every successful art, joy and satisfaction emerge and pleasure is established. Therefore human sense of creativity must be to a positive vision because during the origin of creativity it was all in the positive; for pleasure, they were created. So any art that does not yield or effect pleasure is not it. Kidnapping is a piece of art produced by humans who have chosen to do in that direction, the negative.Today there are so many arts that were done which have sorrows and sadness as the end result. Criminality of any sort is out of art because they are negatives. All art should be geared towards pleasure and human peace. Kidnapping and all the like crimes are not positive arts. The most terrible art piece produced is kidnapping of humans, which has really weighed on human peace; leaving the victims in terrible mare. A terrible experience which no sane person would wish even his or her enemy. It is unfortunate that the target of these negative artists is the privileged. What a hopeless means of economic pursuit; choosing to be on the fast lane, which has claimed the lives of so many youths because when they are trailed and caught they are not spared. Some one who has spent his youthful strength to pursue a carrier, to be kidnapped in the glory of it is humiliation that supersedes humiliations. The most painful of this art is that they burn their youthful strength in an art that does not give peace.You can do art with the pen as a writer, with the fingers as a sculptor, scissors as a fashion designer, engineering tools as an engineer, compose songs with the voice and so many arts in the field. Art is applied in all areas of human endeavor. Life is all about, and full of art. For example we know that cake is food that has existed over time but because of culinary art, today we have “banana loaf”, which is a complete cake with banana past added to it which gives a unique taste and aroma. The banana adds to the flavour of the loaf. This is pure art. Coconut cake, having coconut milk in a cake is also an art. Lemon cake where you have the back of lemon fruit (Citrus) grated into the dough before baking which gives an excellent flavors. Art! Even in the kitchen, application of art is very relevant. If art is not applied, one may be limited to contemporary ideas. You can always wriggle out of stress by designing ways of cooking your food to taste even without beef but use the right spices assuming there is no money for beef momentarily.The Peugeot car for example is a great art piece. It was formerly 404 brand, later 504, 505 evolution, 506 etc.The artists who designed computers and the series of them is a world appraisable artist, including air crafts, robots, and the like products of positive art. Art!© Nkiruka Irene Molokwu

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