Learning and Training Using IT Technology

Education has been in existence for a long time. And the subjects we teach and methods we use change over time. But as time goes by, everything changes along the way, especially on education. Nowadays, education’s new face is e-learning, or electronic learning. Elearning is defined as the delivery of learning content via electronic media such as the Internet, audio and video equipment, web-based, CD-ROM, and Web 2.0 media. To put it simply, e-learning is another form of technology-assisted teaching and learning.The software platform that automates the process of teaching and learning is known as Learning Management Systems (LMS). For the ability to facilitate the development and distribution of courses materials over the Internet, more and more educational institutes and businesses organizations have embraced it both open source software and proprietary LMS.E-learning is not necessarily distance learning. Students and instructors engaged in e-learning may not be geographically distanced from each other. As an example, students on campus living on campus or nearby may take course partially or fully online. Also a student can even do self-study online training without any need of teachers at all. E-learning can add an extra layer of flexibility to both students and instructors in terms where and when they want to learn and give lessons. E-learning and distance learning is not synonymous. Distance learning refers to the learning process that uses the Internet as a form of a vehicle for delivery of instructional content, while e-learning covers a much wide range of media for learning content delivery.The rapid growth of E-learning in recent years is often associated with the growth of the Internet. For there are other types of learning that are growing at a considerable rate too. For instance, mobile learning or rather m-learning, is a rapidly growing innovation with advantage of allowing learners to be on the move while learning. M-learning is an extension of e-learning, which uses mobile phones and Personal digital assistants (PDA) that can play online computer training videos. However, the growth of m-learning is limited by the bandwidth available to deliver sophisticated learning content.With no doubt, new technology will open the new options for new way of authoring and delivering learning content. Organizations and institutions will be equipped with new tools to train employees without loss of productivity and high cost of hiring a consultant. This is education at its best ever.

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Essence of ART

God himself is the art origin. Creativity is art and art is creativity. God is the original artist. He is the origin of it all. He is infinitely in love with art. So He created us for the sake of continuity of creativity. He wanted us to be part of it, to partake in the joy and satisfaction that art engenders. Art is good and it is all about good. Art is life; art must be applied in all we do in life.In art principle; you begin, you watch and observe, some times from a little distance. That is when correction comes in, additions and subtractions to enable make good evaluation and appreciation. It was this principle that God the eternal creator worked with. Creation of Adam was the beginning of it all. God created Adam, stayed in his holy heaven and watched the art of his hand, even though we were told in the “Holy Bible” that he commanded and there were formations. “Alright I have done nicely but… ” So God must have thought or felt. It is in the process of create and watch that He observed that Adam was not handsome enough. He observed loneliness, and to make a correction, then the thought of creating Eve arose His focus was on beautification because beauty makes the heart pleasant. When he created the plain garden, he knew he had done marvelously but the beauty of it was his ultimate vision.He stood off again after creating Eve, and observed a need for family. He did not relent; he continued creating, watching and correcting until he came to the point of device of replenishing the firmament of his power and authority. God further gave man dominion over his environment, even though man has disappointed the eternal creator by being disobedient to the ordained laws that guide human life.After every successful art, joy and satisfaction emerge and pleasure is established. Therefore human sense of creativity must be to a positive vision because during the origin of creativity it was all in the positive; for pleasure, they were created. So any art that does not yield or effect pleasure is not it. Kidnapping is a piece of art produced by humans who have chosen to do in that direction, the negative.Today there are so many arts that were done which have sorrows and sadness as the end result. Criminality of any sort is out of art because they are negatives. All art should be geared towards pleasure and human peace. Kidnapping and all the like crimes are not positive arts. The most terrible art piece produced is kidnapping of humans, which has really weighed on human peace; leaving the victims in terrible mare. A terrible experience which no sane person would wish even his or her enemy. It is unfortunate that the target of these negative artists is the privileged. What a hopeless means of economic pursuit; choosing to be on the fast lane, which has claimed the lives of so many youths because when they are trailed and caught they are not spared. Some one who has spent his youthful strength to pursue a carrier, to be kidnapped in the glory of it is humiliation that supersedes humiliations. The most painful of this art is that they burn their youthful strength in an art that does not give peace.You can do art with the pen as a writer, with the fingers as a sculptor, scissors as a fashion designer, engineering tools as an engineer, compose songs with the voice and so many arts in the field. Art is applied in all areas of human endeavor. Life is all about, and full of art. For example we know that cake is food that has existed over time but because of culinary art, today we have “banana loaf”, which is a complete cake with banana past added to it which gives a unique taste and aroma. The banana adds to the flavour of the loaf. This is pure art. Coconut cake, having coconut milk in a cake is also an art. Lemon cake where you have the back of lemon fruit (Citrus) grated into the dough before baking which gives an excellent flavors. Art! Even in the kitchen, application of art is very relevant. If art is not applied, one may be limited to contemporary ideas. You can always wriggle out of stress by designing ways of cooking your food to taste even without beef but use the right spices assuming there is no money for beef momentarily.The Peugeot car for example is a great art piece. It was formerly 404 brand, later 504, 505 evolution, 506 etc.The artists who designed computers and the series of them is a world appraisable artist, including air crafts, robots, and the like products of positive art. Art!© Nkiruka Irene Molokwu

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Types of Technology

Technology has permeated every industry and created a new world. There are many areas that have been greatly influenced by the use of technology. A lot of enhancement and productivity has been realized as a result. Though there are many views, both negative and positive, about technology, the bottom line is the impact it has had on many growing industries.There are many ways to classify the ways in which technology is utilized. To provide an understandable approach, we will list them as types of technology. These include;• Medical technology – this refers to more than just procedural methods used to treat patients during surgery or for life support. Medical technology goes outside hospital surroundings. There are those who need medical attention even in their homes or whilst working so as to carry on their daily activities effectively. Individuals with hearing impairments can have this corrected through the use of cochlear implants. Those who have missing limbs – legs, arms – can get implants as well and go about life normally. Seniors sometimes run short of breadth thus they need oxygen supply which is also available. Medical technology supports and ensures continuity of life.• Administrative technology – this basically refers to equipment and other resources used to support everyday undertakings in offices and office buildings. These include printers, photocopiers, fax machines, telephones, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc.• Instructional technology – this encompasses technologies that are used to teach, learn and communicate certain ideas effectively. These include television, computers, computer software, the internet, videotapes and video recording devices, among others. All these are necessary because they deliver information and communicate in different ways. Each technology is utilized based on the subject matter and the intended result.• Assistive technology – this is vital in society. It is primarily used to assist those within the community who have disabilities, whether a learning disability, physiological or psychological. This type of technology utilizes specialized equipment, teaching materials and services that will enable these individuals perform and function within their surroundings.• Information technology – this is to instill knowledge through use of vital resources and materials. The most utilized form of information technology currently is the internet.The above mentioned technologies can be used independently or together. They are all necessary and important for the development of a community and a nation as a whole. However, over reliance on technologies should be observed. They are meant to assist us develop not vegetate and become inactive. Through the use of aforementioned technologies, we should grow, cultivate ourselves and our environment.

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