Learning and Training Using IT Technology

Education has been in existence for a long time. And the subjects we teach and methods we use change over time. But as time goes by, everything changes along the way, especially on education. Nowadays, education’s new face is e-learning, or electronic learning. Elearning is defined as the delivery of learning content via electronic media such as the Internet, audio and video equipment, web-based, CD-ROM, and Web 2.0 media. To put it simply, e-learning is another form of technology-assisted teaching and learning.The software platform that automates the process of teaching and learning is known as Learning Management Systems (LMS). For the ability to facilitate the development and distribution of courses materials over the Internet, more and more educational institutes and businesses organizations have embraced it both open source software and proprietary LMS.E-learning is not necessarily distance learning. Students and instructors engaged in e-learning may not be geographically distanced from each other. As an example, students on campus living on campus or nearby may take course partially or fully online. Also a student can even do self-study online training without any need of teachers at all. E-learning can add an extra layer of flexibility to both students and instructors in terms where and when they want to learn and give lessons. E-learning and distance learning is not synonymous. Distance learning refers to the learning process that uses the Internet as a form of a vehicle for delivery of instructional content, while e-learning covers a much wide range of media for learning content delivery.The rapid growth of E-learning in recent years is often associated with the growth of the Internet. For there are other types of learning that are growing at a considerable rate too. For instance, mobile learning or rather m-learning, is a rapidly growing innovation with advantage of allowing learners to be on the move while learning. M-learning is an extension of e-learning, which uses mobile phones and Personal digital assistants (PDA) that can play online computer training videos. However, the growth of m-learning is limited by the bandwidth available to deliver sophisticated learning content.With no doubt, new technology will open the new options for new way of authoring and delivering learning content. Organizations and institutions will be equipped with new tools to train employees without loss of productivity and high cost of hiring a consultant. This is education at its best ever.

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